Meet Reverend Xenofact!

Interdenominational Man of Mysticism

Reverend Xenofact is here to unveil mysteries, veil truths, make you think, and help with your spiritual problems (or help you find new ones).


However he's a little busy in late 2022, this page is still evolving.


For now check out his LinkTree

Supported Religions And Services

Applied Mysticism

Xenofact is about applying mysticism hands-on! From Taoist meditation to Paganism to Theurgy, he's about trying it out!

Productivty for Weidoes

Pagans, Metaoccultists, Mutants, Weirdoes, Artists - you've got stuff to do! Xenofact is a professional manager, and he brings the secrets of the boring, "Normal" world to you!

The Church of The SubGenius

Reverend in the Church of the SubGenius. Find out more at

The Holy Order of The Sasquatch

A Knight in the Holy Order of the Sasquatch. Welcome to the meta-occult, where imagination is the fire to forge reality! Find out more at