Applied Mysticism

Xenofact is a believer in practical magic, theurgy, meditation, and more. Try it out, record results, and see what happens. Expect more posts on his thoughts here as the site expands.

Xenofact operates by a few principles:

Most mystical practices originate in sincere, original efforts.

. . . but grifters, opportunists, and things like bad translations and self-delusion mean skepticism is always warranted. A good schism and reformist movement are always welcome.

There is a common underlying ground to many mystical and magical practices.

. . . but there is no common underlying original world religion or world magical practices. Instead there are common experiences pointing to some underlying processes and phenomena.

A lot of this stuff is easier than you think.

. . . well, easier to start, but there’s no replacement for real learning and practice. The people who claim to sell e-z miracles are as lying/deluded as people who want to sell you THEIR endless courses and books and supplies

Look for real benefits and results, all else is a “game” to help you get to real results.

. . . all mystical practices set up a system and metaphors, like a game, to help you deal with the ineffable. Look to get real results of your mystical efforts to evaluate them, but don’t take the “game” too seriously.