SubGenius Networking

The Church of the SubGenius is a noble religious institution trying to save (or at least sell) the world. Or it’s a joke. Or it’s something you’ve get to grasp . . . anyway here’s how to connect to and help the World Weirdo Network.



These are invite only, so join the Church to find out more, but you can also ask me about the discord servers as I can ping the admins.

  • ScrubGenius – Our mailing list, if you like that sort of things.
  • Discord Servers – There are two main Discord servers, Dobbscord and “Bob”Cord as well as specialty ones.
  • Taphouse – The venerable SubGenius IRC chat – now easily reached via the web!


  • The Church Website – ’nuff said. Updated when Stang can. Contains wild decades of stuff.
  • Dobbstown – Onan’s site that provides links, news, and information.
  • SubGeniuses – A collection of some links, blogs, and subgeniusly networking.
  • The Countdown Clock – How long until X-Day when “Bob” REALLY brings us world dominion? Find out!


Clenches And Groups

Things To Buy

Listen-The Hour Of Slack

The Hour of Slack was Ivan Stang’s amazing long-running SubGenius radio show. Nearly 1900 episodes were made and most are available. More recent episodes are at Libsyn and your podcast app.

Get old episodes direct from the archives

Listen-Other SubGenius Radio And More

  • The Church Bandcamp – Get music about “Bob” and pay for it!
  • FreeThink Radio – SubGenius online radio with shows, repeats, music, and plain weirdness! Always something for you here.
  • Over The Edge – User-contributed and found sound audio collages created by some of the folks behind Negativland. You never know what you’ll hear each week – and neither do they. Can be found through most podcast services.
  • Puzzling Evidence – Every week you can experience this audio vortex of strangeness, sounds, and rants as Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Hal, and more do . . . things. You can also find it through most podcast services
  • The Howdy High Show with Jesse Bob – Whatever weirdness Jesse Bob wants, you can hear it every other Wednesday at 8-10pm MDT. And I’m sure you want to hear what Jesse Bob wants!
  • The Radio Is Broken – Rev. Dr. Richard V. Lindsay takes you on musical quests to lands known and unknown. Cannot be described, only experienced!
  • TOTS SubGenius Radio Mixes – Sound barrages from remixing OTHER SubGenius sound barrages, delivering the multi-level barrage experience!

Watch – Shows And Stuff

  • Ask Doctor Hal – The SubGenius online variety show, centering on Dr. Hal’s deep answers to audience questions along with cartoons, clips, guest segments, and more.
  • Ivan Stang on Youtube – Get videos, everyday life, and old Stangfilms.
  • My Inner Spoiled Child – Shows! Music! Weird stuff!
  • The Rudy Schwartz Project – Wild music and videos from the SubGenius-but-really-a-Genius musical artist.
  • Time For The Show – SubGenius shoot the shit, do weird things, and talk about damn near everything!