Things To Watch

There’s a few must-sees in Xenofact’s list, and they’re here for your relatively convenient viewing pleasure.

Online Shows

  • Ask Doctor Hal – The SubGenius online variety show, centering on Dr. Hal’s deep answers to audience questions along with cartoons, clips, guest segments, and more.
  • Brandon Tenold – Reviewer of Cult films, Tenold is both incredibly funny and loves films. Must see for film fans.
  • Drawfee – Artists take on all sorts of drawing challenges. Has to be seen to be believed, and the charming cast have bonded over so many challenges that their chemistry is a big part of the show.

Online Weirdo TV

  • OSI74 – A retro-futuristic channel of monster movies, horror hosts, animation mashups, and more wonders. You can watch online or via Roku (which is easier). Join their Patreon as well!.
  • New Ellijay Television – Both a local access channel and an indie maker-driven channel, it’s a delightful and expanding attempt to do TV for people with original and public media! You can also get a guide to doing this yourself here.
  • Puzzling Evidence TV – No longer being updated, but contains old videos from Puzzling Evidence.

Film (Documentary)

  • Waiting for NESARA – A documentary about people who believe in NESARA, an ever-evolving idea of financial salvation that integrated UFOS, 9/11, financial paranoia – and set the stage for modern bullshit. The director put the entire film on youtube, but you can find DVDs drifting around.

Film (Fiction)

  • Gojoe – Mad genius director Gakuryū Ishii’s indescrbiable martial arts/fantasy/action/character piece. If you know of Ishii’s works, you want to see it. If you do not, see it and watch everything he’s ever made.
  • Son of the White Mare -A stunning animated film of Hungarian myth made in the 80s (so it has nothing to do with the current government, thank goodness). A moving tapestry, a surreal experience, a combination of art styles. JUST GO WATCH IT.
  • Taoism Drunkard – Aka Shaolin Drunkard or Druknen Wu Tang A kinetic 1983 Shaw Brothers action comedy about a drunken monk seeking a man to fulfill a prophecy, which leads to misadventures with scam artists, ghosts, a crotch-assaulting golem, and an evil monk. Find it, sit back, and enjoy – you can even find it at

Film (SubGenius)

  • “Arise” – THE SubGenius recruitment tape, a milestone of filmmaking that has to be seen to be believed. You can find it here, or buy a copy, or probably find it pirated online (but really, use OSI74 or buy a copy, or rent it).
  • J. R. “Bob” Dobbs & the Church of the SubGenius – A documentary about the real story of the Church – or is it just a COVER portraying the Church as some gigantic art project/joke/satire? You can find all sorts of ways to see it here (yes some are free, and there are pirated copies, but again, try to throw people a few bucks).