Things To Watch

There’s a few must-sees in Xenofact’s list, and they’re here for your relatively convenient viewing pleasure.

Film (Documentary)

  • Waiting for NESARA – A documentary about people who believe in NESARA, an ever-evolving idea of financial salvation that integrated past conspiracy theories and laid the foundation for others. UFOs, 9/11, grifters, ex-Mormons, and more all come together in this disturbing 2005 film – that is also very human. Must-watch for people that want to understand the history of fringe beliefs that are all-too-common. The director put the entire film on youtube, but you can find DVDs drifting around.

Film (Fiction)

  • Gojoe – Mad genius director Gakuryū Ishii’s martial arts/fantasy/action/character piece. Indescribable, veers between surreal and gritty. If you know of Ishii’s works, you want to see it. If you do not, see it and watch everything he’s ever made. This man embodies the punk aesthetic and approach even when you hand him a ton of money.
  • Son of the White Mare – If you are ANY kind of film fan, animation buff, or both, you owe it to yourself to see this, and if at all possible buy a physical copy. A stunning animated film of Hungarian myth made in the 80s (so it has nothing to do with the current government, thank goodness). A moving tapestry, a surreal experience, a combination of art styles. JUST GO WATCH IT.

SubGeniusly Things

  • “Arise” – THE SubGenius recruitment tape. A classic of filmmaking. Enjoy being brainwashed while trying to figure all the sources of the clips, audio, and so on. Some risque content. You can find it here, or buy a copy, or probably find it pirated online (but really, use OSI74 or buy a copy, or rent it).
  • J. R. “Bob” Dobbs & the Church of the SubGenius – A documentary about the real story of the Church – or is it just a COVER portraying the Church as some gigantic art project/joke/satire? Either way, you be the judge – you can find all sorts of ways to see it here (yes some are free, and there are pirated copies, but again, try to throw people a few bucks).