SubGenius Promotionals!

Want to promote the Church of the SubGenius and save souls (for later)? Here’s a large ever updating collection of stuff you can use!


Here’s your Xenofact-approved Dobbs history, hypnotic posters, and “properly” altered art.

  • Civil Defense – To promote SubGenius Defense – we’ve got to stick together!
  • Miscellaneous – Random Dobbsaganda
  • Reading – Promotes reading (the Book of the SubGenius, of course)
  • Related – Other places, communities, and media!

Printable Posters

Posters – Slap these suckers onto an 8 1/2″ x 11″ page and stick them everywhere! Great for corkboards, community boards, or even leave some out like flyers!

Printable Flyers

The Wit And Wisdom of J.R. “Bob” Dobbs – A handy c-fold flyer with the best quotes of “Bob” for your use or to evangelize the Church!

Printable Doodads

Cards and Bookmarks – Thanks to Herodotus Machiavelli Livy we have these ez-print cards and bookmarks. All you need is a Avery-8873 business cards to print these out! Plus booksmarks!