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Podcasts – Weirdness and Conspiracies

Xenofact tries to keep up on the weird conspiracy crap in the world, because not only is it educational, it might just save your life and sanity. Here’s his favorite ways to find out what’s lurking around the corner and in people’s minds.

  • Conspirituality – A team with a lot of experience in yoga, cults, and more – some of it unpleasant – discuss the scams, grifters, and damn dangerous radicals where spirituality and conspiracy meet. Sometimes long-winded, sometimes too damn calm, they deliver some amazing insights on the brain rot out there.
  • Knowledge Fight – Two friends talk Alex Jones and related manaics, but mostly Alex Jones. Since Jones is a kind of predictor (as well as cause) of conspiracies and dangerous radicals, their insights are invaluable. Plus the podcasters are both comedians and understand how others perform and portray themselves – while being damn charming and funny.
  • HellWqrld – What started as a one-man podcast on conspiracies and Qanon insanity becomes the equivalent of talking weirdness with your friends over a beer. Each member brings their own unique background to bear. Note you can find them on many podcast apps, these folks just need a central website . . .
  • Nonsense Bazaar – Two loveable weirdoes with some deep knowledge of strange stuff talk cults, occultism, UFOs, history, and more. Get ready for them to dig into stuff you didn’t know or thought you knew, with a lot of humanity
  • Qanon Anonymous – A group of internet journalists who started discussing Qanon but have expanded to all sorts of cult weirdness, secret space program stuff, and more. They can veer from too sarcastic to beautifully heartfelt.