Things To Hear

Rely on Xenofact’s good taste and mysterious insights to guide you on the way of podcasts, music, and more.

Podcasts and Radio – Weirdness and Conspiracies

Xenofact tries to keep up on the weird conspiracy crap in the world, because not only is it educational, it might just save your life and sanity. Here’s his favorite ways to find out what’s lurking around the corner and in people’s minds.

  • Conspirituality – A team with a lot of experience in yoga, cults, and more – some of it unpleasant – discuss the scams, grifters, and damn dangerous radicals where spirituality and conspiracy meet.
  • Knowledge Fight – Two friends talk Alex Jones and related manaics, but mostly Alex Jones. The podcasters are both comedians and understand how others perform and portray themselves – while being damn charming and funny.
  • HellWqrld – Three people hang out and discuss Qanon and other conspiracy madness, bringing unique insights and humor. Note you can find them on many podcast apps, these folks just need a central website . . .
  • Nonsense Bazaar – Two loveable weirdoes with some deep knowledge of strange stuff talk cults, occultism, UFOs, history, and more. Get ready for them to dig into stuff you didn’t know or thought you knew, with a lot of humanity
  • Qanon Anonymous – A group of internet journalists who started discussing Qanon but have expanded to all sorts of cult weirdness, secret space program stuff, and more.

Awesome Music

  • Cassettes For Me – A monthly subscription to truly indie music, delivered on tape and Mp3 (or just Mp3). From Analog Revolution and the Elijay Makerspace!
  • Funhouse Radio – All sorts of weird, odd, and silly music from the known to the obscure. Plus it’s on a lot of streaming services!
  • LuxuriaMusic – Smooth retro music. Tune in, get groovy.
  • Retro Cocktail Hour – Cool retro space age pop music old and new, with convenient listening for episodes past and present.

Podcasts and Radio – SubGeniusly

  • The Hour of Slack – Now on hiatus, you can find most episodes of the longest-running SubGenius show, and probably one of the longest-running shows of pure weirdness in history. Nearly 40 years of music, “Bob,” rants, strange stories, and more.
  • LeMur’s Audio Collages – Mindbending mix-ups by the late, great Fernandinande LeMur. A must hear – if you can take it!
  • FreeThink Radio – SubGenius online radio with shows, repeats, music, and plain weirdness! Always something for you here.
  • Puzzling Evidence – Every week you can experience this audio vortex of strangeness, sounds, and rants as Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Hal, and more do . . . things. You can also find it through most podcast services
  • Over The Edge – User-contributed and found sound audio collages created by some of the folks behind Negativland. You never know what you’ll hear each week – and neither do they. Can be found through most podcast services.